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Keeley Michael

In her own personal and professional journey, Keeley’s experience with yoga has morphed from intrigue - to practice - to teacher - to therapist; her background with the craft of Yoga Therapy has been honed over the last five years. Through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Keeley Michael is a certified 1,000-hr Yoga Therapist. She has been a committed practitioner of yoga since 2010, and has dedicatedly studied under Yoga Therapist, Laura Jane Murphy, since 2013. Keeley has taught in a variety of settings from fitness centers to hospitals, and continues to serve clients one-on-one.

Most recently, Keeley serves clients one-on-one as Founder of Keeley Michael Yoga and in groups through Embody Practice Center, Villager Yoga and UAB’s Integrative Medicine Clinic. Keeley institutes her practice in the four core values of Relationship, Trust, Effort and Belief, where the client is coached - but never pushed – toward sustainable growth. She believes in the power of healing through movement - and is centered in the idea that yoga ignites a renewed relationship with the healthiest self.