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Birmingham, AL

Our creative team Alison Page (Aero Joe Pilates, President), Emily Tincher (Aero Joe Pilates, Instuctor & Co-Manager) and Whitney Renfroe (FORMATIONS Dance Company, Artistic Director) see Birmingham, AL on a path to becoming a city known for its wellness and movement initiatives. We are thrilled to join forces again in 2020 after a successful 2019 summit, and can’t wait to continue to grow our wellness community!


We desire to be a movement education oasis in the heart of the Southeast U.S. where gaining affordable access to high caliber continuing education (CEC’s) continues to be a challenge. Technical advances have led to more availability of online resources to fulfill CEC requirements for movement educators’ certification renewals, yet many can agree the benefit of in-person education can not truly be out-matched.

Beyond fostering greater access to educational opportunities for many, our story is also about igniting opportunities for movement educators’ to be newly inspired to take charge of their own self-care. We desire that our movement community comes away from the summit clearer in intention, more confident and more present to care for themselves and all whom they teach.


Open to movement educators of all backgrounds as well as serious students of Pilates, yoga and dance, the goal of the Pure Movement Summit is to provide advanced study and classes with a spirit of inclusivity.  

Advanced Study Workshops provide CEC’s. While the workshops cater primarily to Pilates teachers, all movement educators and advanced students are welcome to attend. Movement educators attending will have opportunities for networking while broadening the scope of both their movement vocabularies and teaching strategies.

No matter which pass you choose, we invite you to try something new, renew your passion for teaching and enliven your own practice! Curate your track’s offerings to match your interests, and enjoy a unique balance of learning and movement.

Choose Your Pass

  • Pure Movement Pass: Enjoy a Customized Class Pass!

  • Deep Dive Pass: Deepen Your Perspective in Workshops and Classes!

Options to Customize Your Your Track

  • Pilates Advanced Study Workshops - CEC’s

  • Pilates Classes

  • Yoga Classes

  • Barre Fitness

  • Fun, Intro Level Adult Dance Classes (Cardio Dance or Salsa, anyone?)

The Pure Movement Summit:

  • To become part of a global initiative to democratize access to networking, in-person mentorship and high quality continuing education (CEC’s) for movement educators.

Pure Movement Summit Vision:

The summit fills a need by providing Southeast U.S. movement educators with more convenient, economical access to in-person advanced study with industry leaders, fostering more equitable access to career sustaining opportunities.

The summit seeks to provide masters-level educational opportunities to unite teachers of multiple movement modalities with a spirit of inclusivity. All movement backgrounds are welcome - - from Classical to Contemporary, Traditional to Modern.


- Romana Kryzanowska as told by Mari Winsor | Pilates Unfiltered Podcast


Photo: Melissa Dooley Photography