Join the PMSB 2020 Teaching Team!

While content leans heavily towards Pilates and Yoga, the PMSB includes a dynamic array of multi-modality group classes. Are you a movement educator interested in teaching a class for the PMSB in 2020? Please submit the following application requirements:

1) E-mail Introduction to

2) Bio

3) Headshot

Once approved via e-mail introduction please plan to submit:

a) Letter of Reference*

b) Dropbox link to a 5 - 7 minute video of applicant teaching one exercise to a group.*

*If you have been contracted previously by the PMSB or affiliates Aero Joe Pilates or Forma Arts + Wellness you do not need to submit the a) and b) requirements above.

EARLY APPLICANT DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: NOVEMBER 15, 2020 (Submit early for the best chance!)


Please note that instructors will not receive direct compensation, yet do receive complimentary full weekend “Pure Movement Passes” to include entry to all multi-modality movement classes as well as all meet and greet events.


Interested in joining the PMSB 2020 Presenter Team?

The PMSB 2020 Presenters will include experts in general Anatomy/Kinesiology, Pilates, and Yoga. To be considered please submit the following:

1) E-mail Introduction to

2) Detailed Resume or CV with Reference Contact Information (Please include any past experience teaching teachers or instructing continuing education workshops for teachers.)

3) Bio

4) Headshot

5) One Paragraph Course Description

6) Detailed Course Outline to Include Content Sections and Section Duration Times

7) Course History / CEC’s (Please provide a recent history of locations and dates the course has been presented, if any. Please list any current or former CEC credentials for the course.)

8) Intent to Secure CEC’s (If the course does not currently offer Pilates or Yoga CEC’s please do detail your intent to secure CEC’s, and through which organization(s) you will be applying for CEC’s.)

Please submit all the above to with the subject line “Presenter Application.” Please note courses that have PMA CEC’s, a through line to the 2020 summit theme “The Art of Teaching” and / or that have a specific Anatomy / Kinesiology focus will receive primary consideration.

Please be prepared that during the approval process some applicants may be asked to submit a 5 - 7 minute video clip of the applicant instructing a workshop.



Please do be prepared to make individual arrangements for travel and accommodations in the event you are chosen as a presenter. All presenters will receive complimentary full weekend “Deep Dive Passes” to include entry to ALL PMSB 2020 Workshops (CEC’s!), multi-modality movement classes, swag items as well as tickets to all meet and greet events!